During your office hunting, you would come across many different types of office space. We will share with you the difference between these offices you often come across.


Simple and straight forward, bare office means there are no wallpapers, carpets, cabinets, or any conceal raise flooring. Fittings like lights and air-conditioner will be provided though. The whole office space would be in its original condition.

Partial Fitted

The most common type of office space you would come across would be partial fitted office space. There would be carpet or raise flooring, basic lightings, air-conditioner, wallpaper would be in. Apart from these, no office tables or chairs will be provided.

Fully Fitted

For companies or organisations which may wish to cut cost, very often they would source for fully fitted office space which means they do not have to spend a sum of money on office tables and chairs. A fully fitted office space comes with lightings, air-conditioner, wallpaper, carpet, sometimes raised flooring, office tables and chairs, sometimes you may even find glass partitioned walls used for meeting rooms.

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